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The LendIt conference in London’s Bishopsgate produced some interesting debate, and further proof that crowdfunding has a rosy future.

A gathering of peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders (also known as person-to-business or P2B lender) generated lost of interesting talk – and the promise of some deeds that may benefit crowdfunders, businesses and individuals alike.

Nicola Horlick, Money&Co.’s CEO, participated in a debate on supporting small businesses with P2P lending. She spoke on a number of issues, including our favoured sources for facilitating loans to small businesses – individual money or institutional?

“It’s good to have several sources of funds,” she said. “Institutions are interested in having access to good-quality corporate debt. That’s exactly what we provide at Money&Co., because we vet our potential borrowers very thoroughly, and protect the lenders’ interests by way of a legal charge on the assets of the borrowing business. Individual, or retail, investors are right to find this model attractive too. Both types of lender are naturally pleased to get the excellent returns the borrowing businesses can offer.”

There was some discussion of the role of institutions – notably banks – in our area. Crowdfunders – and Money&Co. in particular – pride themselves on being accurate in their credit assessments, and swift in their decision-making and execution.

One of the bigger players in the P2P lending market, which has recently hooked up with a biog bank, seemed to have some reservations (albeit diplomatically expressed ones): “I love our bank partners, but they’re not the quickest in world to move,” said one CEO during panel discussion. 

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