Money&Co.’s Nicola Horlick On Inspirational Journey


We’re pleased to bring you a long-overdue interview with Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick.

Filmed by An Inspirational Journey back in the summer, just after our record-breaking (“landmark” – according to the Financial Times) £1 million deal, the interview touches on Nicola’s personal and business lives.

The interview is well worth watching in its entirety. Money&Co. features prominently towards the end (from around 12 minutes in).


Authentic leaders talking openly about themselves and their journey so far…

Nicola Horlick the formidable and successful city woman, and mother of six children, talks openly and frankly to Heather Jackson about her professional and personal life, the trials and tribulations that she has encountered along the way and her pragmatic approach to dealing with personal crisis. Nicola is a self-driven, astute and motivated woman who, following Oxford became a Director of Warburgs by the unbelievably young age of 28. She openly shares her views on the importance of confidence and self-belief; diversity of thinking and the success it brings to organisations; the important paternal role that fathers have in the success of their daughters; how she dealt with personal tragedy; her ambitions and interests and how she has managed to take her love of the arts and combine it with her business skills and acumen for the benefit of the film music industry. This is a woman who has faced it all; it’s a thought provoking and humble conversation with a woman who has been often referred to as “Superwoman” but sees herself as just a business woman, who happens to be a mother and wife.

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