Pensioner Bonds Meltdown – But P2P Loans Offer Alternative


There really can be too much of a good thing – even if the thing in question isn’t particularly good. Today, we look at a new, government-backed savings product, and examine its merits compared to the risks and rewards of investing in the crowdfunded peer-to-peer (P2P) business loans offered by Money&Co.

The National Savings & Investments (NS&I) website crashed late last week, following high demand for government savings bonds, which offer market-leading interest rates exclusively to the over-65s. The bonds, announced by chancellor George Osborne in December, offer savers interest of 2.8 per cent over one year and a fixed annual interest rate of 4 per cent over three years. With typical interest rates offered on market-leading three-year bonds barely above 2 per cent, and one-year bonds offering even less, the so-called “pensioner bonds” were proving very popular.

Some, including the Mail on Sunday, would say that the bonds were just too popular: “Frustrated pensioners vented their fury over the Government’s new savings bonds yesterday after an official website went into meltdown – leaving many demanding refunds and asking where their money had gone.

“Chancellor George Osborne boasted that the bonds for the over-65s were the fastest-selling financial product in modern times, after more than 110,000 pensioners invested a total of billion in only two days.

“But the NS&I website could not cope with the demand and repeatedly crashed, leading to widespread confusion and payment errors.”


So what’s the alternative? Today sees the last opportunity to get a gross yield of around 11 per cent from the ARP loan offering on site, as the auction closes this afternoon. The A-rated Mar-Key Group has a loan offering over 8 per cent.

The key factors to consider are security, access and yield. The basic issues are regularly examined on this site, and are set out clearly in this article.

In a recent blog, Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick, details why she believes our P2P loans offer excellent returns combined with security for lenders:

  • The average amount lent on the site is much larger than on most other sites and currently stands at around
  • The companies lent to tend to be larger with stronger balance sheets and strong cash flow.
  • Money&Co. takes a first ranking debenture over the assets of each company borrowing money.
  • This suggests that the bad debt ratio will be very low and we would estimate that it will be below 1 per cent over the long term.
  • Money&Co. has an active loan market, which should allow investors to sell all or part of a loan if they want to liquidate their investment.
  • There are no penalties for selling all or part of a loan, although there is a fee of 0.25 per cent charged by Money&Co. on a sale.
  • In any event, all of our loans are fully amortising and so this means that if you invest in a five-year loan, the company will make 60 equal monthly repayments to you with each payment including a return of some of your capital and some interest. This is attractive for those who need a monthly income flow.
  • Investors can sign up to our Managed Portfolio Service and we will manage your portfolio of loans for you. The current indicative yield is 8 per cent. The minimum level of investment for this service is


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