Crowdnetic And CityAM Blaze Data Benchmark Trail


The pace of crowdfunding’s maturation increases day by day. The latest development comes from City A.M., which has formed an alliance with Crowdnetic, a US-based crowdfunding data supplier, to launch what it promises will be suite of UK crowd finance data.

The early reIease features information on private UK-based companies publicly raising capital online through securities-based crowdfunding portals.


“Through, investors can track a comprehensive listing of UK private offerings from leading platforms including Property Moose, Angels Den, Crowd for Angels, Fireflock, Funding Tree, Property Seed, Seedrs, Crowdcube and The House Crowd,” says CityA.M. The media outlet says it has “more slated to join”.


Crowdnetic’s European managing director Adam Braggs said: “The crowd finance industry has enjoyed significant growth globally. Our solutions will be a useful addition to the market and our partnership with City A.M. is a key milestone.”

Money&Co. is in close contact with CityA.M. and Crowdnetic. We will have more news later.


*** Yesterday’s lender’s drinks party at our Bruton Place offices was hugely enjoyable and useful. Short talks from Money&Co. and one happy borrower preceded some really profitable dialogue with lenders and investors, including some very useful feedback on the site, specifically the lender’s journey.

One recurring topic was the lack of new offerings on the site. This is a temporary drought – the borrowers are slated to appear like London buses – many at once (although we will try to smooth the deal flow as much as possible). The one thing lenders can be certain of is that our credit-analysis team will not compromise on quality.

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