For Better Crowdfunding Decisions We Need Better P2P Data


Crowdfunding is growing fast, but is still a young industry. One of the things we need to help us grow – especially in our sub-sector of peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending – is reliable data.

Good data is needed to form accurate judgements about borrowing companies. Moreover, as P2P crowdfunding matures, lenders will need reliable track records of how the various platforms, including Money&Co., have performed.

So we welcome the recent crowdfundinsider report on the expansion of PeerIQ in the United States.

“PeerIQ, a financial information services company that connects peer-to-peer lending to the capital markets by helping institutional investors analyze, access and manage risk, today announced that it has raised $6 million of seed funding.

“PeerIQ will use the funds to further build out its risk analytics platform, grow its institutional investor client base, and expand its team. Its analytics platform aggregates industry data from leading online P2P marketplaces and offers sophisticated credit risk analytics and independent benchmarks that allow investors to: assess loan performance, generate cash flows, value and manage portfolios, run scenario analyses, and price credit instruments. More broadly, the company’s offering aims to enhance the efficiency of securitization and other asset-backed transactions that will fuel the next phase of P2P lending growth.”


In the UK, the leader in crowdfunding platform intelligence is Crowdnetic UK, which has launched The site allows users to “access important data from hundreds of private companies publicly raising capital across leading portals, in one place and in real-time.”

We welcome CrowdneticsUK, and are in close contact with the newly launched data platform. Watch this space.

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