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It was a real pleasure to help design the agenda for the recent conference, Alternative Finance: New Solutions To Old Problems.

The event was sponsored by Cubism Law, which played a leading role in framing the terms of the conference. Following Cubism Law’s lead was a host of significant players in the alternative finance sector, including Money&Co., equity platform VentureFounders, P2P platform Archover, data monitor Crowdnetic, pro-European business campaigning group, British Influence, and crowdfunding intelligence platform, Another Crowd.

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The idea was to equip attendees with an understanding of how to:

  • survey alternative finance, including crowdfunding, examine seed and mezzanine equity capital, loan credit and other products from diverse sources
  • maximise the funding opportunities of alternative finance and crowdfunding
  • provide a balanced portfolio of high-yield debt and risk-weighted equity for individual investors and lenders
  • create a new asset class of intellectual property, safeguarded within an agile regulatory framework
  • drive crowdfunded economic growth in a dynamic, but ethically and transparently regulated fashion


Here, Andrew Pena, founder of Cubism Law, outlines his thinking in setting up the firm. As you might expect from the name, Cubism is all about looking at things differently – taking a practical, engaged, often radically different approach to problem-solving (rather than just giving legal advice and sending a fee note).

Apologies in advance for the sound interference on the first 15 seconds of footage – the conference facility’s audio equipment had an intermittent earthing fault. But after the very first opening remarks, you will discover a refreshing approach to problem-solving and business.


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