UK Start-Ups Want To Stay In Europe

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We are running the risk, with apologies, of  boring our readers and users senseless with yet more on the Brexit question. If you aren’t bored of Brexit now, you probably will be in three months’ and three-and-a-bit weeks’ time. Nevertheless, it is important – and so we run this by our friends and colleagues at the crowdfunding intelligence platform, Another Crowd*.

“Britain’s start-up entrepreneurs value our membership of the EU and will be voting ‘Remain’ in the referendum, according to a [recent] survey,” writes Another Crowd.

“The survey was conducted by Coadec(link is external), the Coalition for a Digital Economy, which was founded by tech entrepreneurs and  campaigns for government policies that support digital start-ups and help them contribute to the UK’s economic growth.

“The sample size was 175, including 126 start-up founders and 19 investors. (We’d like to hear more from investors on this subject, if anyone’s polling in that area.) 81 percent of respondents (138 people) said the UK should remain a member of the European Union.

“We thought it was interesting that when asked about the Prime Minister’s ‘negotiations’, 71 percent (121 people) said that Mr. Cameron’s work to secure better terms for the United Kingdom had no effect on their voting intentions.

“Maybe our relationship with Europe isn’t broken, and doesn’t need fixing.”

Nicola Horlick, Money&Co.’s CEO, believes that staying in Europe is the only sensible option for businesses, both large and small, and the UK in general to take in June: “There are all sorts of compelling reasons we must stay in the EU,” she says. “It’s not just the incredible expense and difficulty of negotiating an exit and new trade treaties, but the positive benefits of being at the heart of a huge trading bloc, and influencing policy from within, from a position of strength. In the long term, we need a strong Europe to be able to compete with the competitive pressures that the United States and, increasingly, China and other rising Asian powers will exert.”


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* Martin Baker, Money&Co.’s director of communications, is editorial director of Another Crowd. He is not the author of the cited Another Crowd article.


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