Goldman’s GS Bank Move Asks Questions Of Crowdfunders

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News reaches us via our friends at Crowdfundinsider of a new step in the implementation of Goldman Sachs’ previously announced plan to start a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending operation.

The giant US investment bank’s move speaks to two recurring themes in P2P. Is P2P going mainstream?

And how do we keep the crowd – ie, individuals, not big banks – in crowdfunding?

Here’s what Crowdfundinsider has to say: an excerpt follows, with the full text here.


“Last year Goldman Sachs revealed its intent to push into the marketplace / peer to peer lending sector. While a growing number of traditional financial firms are partnering with more agile, fintech startups – Goldman decided to strike out on their own.

“This past week, Goldman announced that Goldman Sachs Bank (GS Bank) has acquired  the online deposits held by GE Capital Bank. The total was estimated at $16 billion…

“It is interesting to note that GS Bank offers a 1.05% yield on deposits, differentiating its service from many of its peers that just seem to charge high fees. So will the retail masses be enticed to shift their deposits to the investment banking legend?”

Regular readers will know we’ve opined on the mainstream issue several times. And we happen to believe it’s a good idea to keep the crowd in crowdfunding. It will be interesting to see the long-term effect of the influential Goldman Sachs’ incursion into the P2P market.


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