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CBDCs, Digital Currencies And Cryptos – Plus Loan Latest

We’ve said this before, and we may have to say it again: Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are not cryptocurrencies. It’s in this light we want to view an initiative from the European Central Bank, which doesn’t quite claim that CBDCs are cryptos – they can’t be crypto, as a central banker oversees the central register. However, there’s a clear hope of dominance in the digital, FinTech space. Our friends at Finextra report. Is this the future, or just rather desperate mainstream propaganda? Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) could be the answer to the thousand-year search for the holy grail …

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Central Authorities And Their Attempts To Create Crypto Lookalikes

Central banks and their governments are involved in a giant evasion tactic. The thinking is universal, and simple: to persuade investors that central bank-run digital coins, be they central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), or “stablecoins’, are really some sort fo substitute for genuine cryptos. They are not. What investors get is a form of digital bank account run by central banks. The accounts have a superficial similarity to a cryptocurrency, but are in fact totally transparent – and do not benefit from an independent algorithm asa controlling factor. Recent moves show the central bankers’ attempts to pull the wool over …

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