P2P Lenders Break Into Ratings Mainstream


We monitor the fast-moving, high-octane world of the digital economy every day. As a FinTech company and a peer-to-peer (P2P) lender, we have to.

Rarely does one single news report emerge as the undisputed leader of the day. Today, however, the distinction of “must-read” status goes to Ryan Fowler of Tech City News.

The story concerns one of our cousins in P2P crowdfunding. LendInvest has a property-backed offering, whereas Money&Co. brings businesses together with lenders, whom we protect by taking a debenture on the assets of the businesses (and, of course, screening the borrowers via our rigorous credit-analysis process).

While the LendInvest offering is different from our own, the exciting news is that crowdfunders are gaining recognition from the mainstream. At last, the Fear of the New – and its attendant scaremongering – may be abating.

“LendInvest has become the first peer-to-peer platform to receive a European rating from a regulated credit rating agency,” writes Tech City News.

LendInvest received a rating of SQ1, from ARC Ratings, which is the highest rating possible from the agency.

“The rating was a Quality Assurance Rating, which assessed LendInvest’s ability to originate deal-flow, and its underwriting and servicing capabilities.

“Christian Faes, LendInvest CEO, said: ‘The fact that LendInvest was able to get a rating from a regulated credit rating agency, is a positive step for the whole peer-to-peer marketplace lending market in Europe.Credit ratings agencies are understandably cautious when looking at new business models like marketplace lending.

‘However, this represents a move towards the mainstream for peer-to-peer and marketplace lending, and a real coup for LendInvest.’”


*** Our latest loan offering, Real Engineering (Yorkshire) Ltd. (ee illustration, above), is forging ahead. The A-rated loan is for £367,000, with an indicative gross yield of 8.5 per cent. It is now 29 per cent funded. Register to lend.


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